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Mentoring Program


The Apra-MN Mentoring Program provides members with the opportunity to partner with experienced prospect development professionals who can offer support and assistance with strategies and resources.

In considering matches, the Mentoring Program gives primary consideration to the mentee's expressed area of need.  We also try to connect members from similar organizations and in geographic proximity.


For Mentors:
  • A way to give back to your fellow researchers and the prospect research field
  • An opportunity to raise the awareness of the profession in the fundraising field
  • Networking opportunities with different organizations and researchers
For Mentees:
  • An opportunity to learn about the profession from more experienced colleagues
  • A way to develop research skills and learn new ideas, concepts and perspectives
  • Networking opportunities within the prospect research community


If you are an Apra-MN member and are interested in being assigned a Mentor, or if you wish to become a Mentor, please read our full description of the mentoring program and complete an application form (above). Please return the application form to:

Deb Dressely
Membership Director, APRA-MN
c/o Fairview Foundation
2344 Energy Park Dr
St Paul, MN 55108

Deb will contact you to begin the process of assignment. If you have any additional questions, please contact her at 612.672.7236 or If you have already indicated interest, either through the membership application form, or by contacting Apra-MN, Deb will follow up to see confirm your interest and get you started.  

Thank you for your interest in, commitment to and support of Apra-MN!


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