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2020 Conference Details

OCTOBER 20, 2020

Registration Information:

Register online today for just $50 for Apra-MN members and $85 for non-members. Non-members who register will receive a free year of Apra-MN membership. 

Scholarship Information:

Four scholarships for the conference were awarded in August 2020. Congratulations to our winners!

Zoom Details:

This conference will be hosted using the virtual meeting platform Zoom. Links will be sent to all registrants in advance, along with instructions about how to log-in and use Zoom. You do not need to have your own Zoom account to access the conference. Sessions will be recorded and shared with registrants after the conference has concluded.

Keynote Presentation:

The Whole Can of Worms: A conversation about data privacy, due diligence, and ethics

Conversations about ethics, due diligence, and data privacy are never simple or straightforward. There’s so much to know, the landscape seems to shift on a moving fault line, and talking about them may feel as awkward as bringing up politics, religion, and personal finances at the Thanksgiving table. In this session, we’re going to open up the can of worms and get more comfortable with what’s inside. At the end, we’ll reserve time for Q&A about this - or any topic – you’ve always wanted to ask Helen about. Learn more about our keynote speaker, Helen Brown.

Session 1A:

Going Global: Building Your Foundation for International Prospecting

Are you ready to stamp your fundraising passport? This session will provide an overview of international prospect processes, policies, and tools. Through case studies and discussion, participants will be introduced to strategies for starting or expanding an international prospecting initiative, available resources, and common challenges. Learn more about presenter Katie Fanning.

Session 1B:

Speak Up: Advocating for yourself, your work, and your team

Advocacy in Prospect Development isn't optional. This session will cover strategies on speaking up and advocating for your work beyond numbers and data. Presented by Jessica Balsam.

Session 2A:

Discussion Groups: The Thriving World, The Wilting World, and You

Join us for a discussion of “The Thriving World, The Wilting World, & You,” a 30-minute speech delivered to the Aspen Institute by Anand Giridharadas. The speech serves as the basis for Giridharadas’ book, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the WorldAs prospect development professionals, we must take a critical look at philanthropy in order to better understand our careers. Giridharadas raises important questions about how philanthropy in its current form may be self-defeating in its attempts to address societal issues. We will examine these concepts and develop our own viewpoints on the role philanthropy plays (and should or shouldn’t play) in today’s society. Watch the speech in advance, if possible!

Session 2B:

Relationship Mapping with Insiders: An Escape Game

Your organization's next transformational gift is not in your current donor database. And it's up to you to work with your development team to identify the prospect and find the connection. Will you escape the database and find the funder capable of transforming your organization? Join Jen Filla to choose your insider and follow the map to your next bestdonor. 

Session 3:
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel

As Apra-MN develops a strategic plan that will take us into the next three years, we are intentionally building diversity, equity and inclusion core values into our mission. Along with other Apra chapters, we are examining internal biases and developing practices that promote DEI in our professional organizations and our industry. Reflecting, listening to each other, and learning from one another's experiences all contribute toward understanding and embracing DEI core values. Join a panel discussion on how prospect development colleagues are addressing and incorporating DEI into their professional and personal spaces. Learn more about our moderator and panelists here!

More information about speakers and sessions coming soon!

Thank you to our generous Apra-MN sponsors for their support of this conference! You will hear from our sponsors throughout the day and will have a chance to join them to chat during the morning, lunch or afternoon breaks in a Zoom breakout room.




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