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A Letter from Apra-MN President - August 2022

Dear Apra-MN community and friends,

Last week, Apra International shared with the community and their members that PRSPCT-L would be down for maintenance and that it would return as a members-only benefit. This would mean that an important and integral group of many prospect researchers, managers, and other Advancement services folks would no longer have access to this free service unless they were or became paying members of Apra International. 

As President of Apra-MN, I share my disappointment and concern with the rest of our community about losing this valuable resource. This week, I signed a letter of concern along with other Apra Chapter’s Presidents, former Presidents, and President-Elects to the President of Apra International, Melissa Bank-Stepno. At this time, she and the Apra International board of directors have heard our message and have seen all of your messages on LinkedIn through the #freePRSPCTL group and on social media accounts. At this time, we are awaiting a formal response from her and the board and ask you as community members to continue to share your concern and support for a free PRSPCT-L. As your Apra-MN President, I will continue to advocate for this professional lifeline to remain free for all, regardless of Apra International membership status. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at and I will respond as soon as I am able. Please continue to follow PRSPCT-L news on the LinkedIn group page, #FreePRSPCTL or to share your thoughts on our Apra-MN LinkedIn page

A Letter from Apra-MN Board - September 2022

Dear Apra International Board,

We, the Board of Directors of the Apra-MN Chapter, would like to join many members of the Apra community in expressing our deep concern about the recent announcement to limit access to the PRSPCT-L Listserv. We were disappointed in the decision to make PRSPCT-L accessible only to paid members, as well as the lack of full transparency surrounding this process, due to the impact that we believe this will have on the prospect development community. 

Apra-MN strongly believes that the openness of knowledge-sharing in our community makes it unique and that this has contributed substantially to the development and growth of our profession. We believe that constituents who may not have the resources to purchase a membership are essential and equal agents in that knowledge-sharing, and as such, deserve to participate fully and equally in it through long-established channels like PRSPCT-L. In addition, Apra-MN values equity, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility in professional development for our community. We strongly believe that keeping PRSPCT-L freely accessible to all would be in alignment with those values.

We would like to acknowledge Apra International’s response to the community’s feedback regarding this topic and the effort to address it by extending access to PRSPCT-L to all users until at least the end of 2022. However, we request that Apra consider continuing to make this forum freely accessible going forward.


Andrea Dowd, President

Janna Lee, Vice President

Adri Viswanatha, Secretary

Tom Brown, Treasurer

Alison Freeman, Membership and Mentorship Director

Sara Buesing, Programming Co-Director

Joe Hennen, Programming Co-Director

Alison Hope, Marketing & Communication Co-Director

Michael Van Dyke, Marketing & Communication Co-Director

Lydia Tonoyan, Member-at-Large

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