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Ryan Marshall

28 May 2020 11:11 AM | Webmaster (Administrator)

Ryan Marshall

Prospect Development Analyst
Concordia University, St. Paul

Q. How long have you been an Apra-MN member?

A. Five years. The colleague I replaced encouraged me to become a member. However, my first experience with Apra was before I joined. I attended a workshop on advanced wealth management techniques which jump started my interest in prospect development.

Q. What do you enjoy most about Apra-MN?

A. I really enjoy the community. I don't have to explain the passion I have for my career because it is shared by those around me.

Q. What do you like most about your career?

A. I like that I get to integrate technology into my career. Software platforms have to adapt to stay competitive. I get to innovate along with them as new options are made available.

Prospect management was my least favorite task until we migrated it to a new platform. The end result is a far more efficient process, but the project from the start was challenging and engaging.

Q. Best piece of advice you've received?

A. Invest in the tools that are needed for a project. Over time, you'll amass the wisdom and confidence to approach new challenges and have the tools to overcome them.

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