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  • 28 May 2020 11:11 AM | Webmaster (Administrator)

    Ryan Marshall

    Prospect Development Analyst
    Concordia University, St. Paul

    Q. How long have you been an Apra-MN member?

    A. Five years. The colleague I replaced encouraged me to become a member. However, my first experience with Apra was before I joined. I attended a workshop on advanced wealth management techniques which jump started my interest in prospect development.

    Q. What do you enjoy most about Apra-MN?

    A. I really enjoy the community. I don't have to explain the passion I have for my career because it is shared by those around me.

    Q. What do you like most about your career?

    A. I like that I get to integrate technology into my career. Software platforms have to adapt to stay competitive. I get to innovate along with them as new options are made available.

    Prospect management was my least favorite task until we migrated it to a new platform. The end result is a far more efficient process, but the project from the start was challenging and engaging.

    Q. Best piece of advice you've received?

    A. Invest in the tools that are needed for a project. Over time, you'll amass the wisdom and confidence to approach new challenges and have the tools to overcome them.

  • 28 May 2020 11:00 AM | Webmaster (Administrator)

    Alisa Lamont 

    Assistant Director of Prospect Management and Research

    University of St. Thomas

    Q. How long have you been an Apra-MN member? 

    A: I joined Apra-MN three years ago, when I returned to MN after 16 years living and working in NYC. Apra-MN members were welcoming and helped me develop my professional network in the local community. Several Apra-MN members have become personal friends.

    Q. What do you enjoy most about Apra-MN?

    A: The members! Apra-MN is made up of over 100 talented, knowledgeable (and fun!) individuals. I sincerely enjoy learning and sharing with other members at our board and committee meetings, events, and annual conference. Our programming committee has created some fantastic, relevant virtual events to keep us connected during this uncertain time.

    Q. What do you like most about your career? What is a typical day like for you?

    A: Like all of you, my typical day has changed dramatically over the past month! I’m grateful that prospect development work lends itself well to a remote environment. I’m able to continue partnering with eight major gift officers here at University of St. Thomas. My focus is on prospect/pipeline management, proposal tracking and portfolio optimization. We accomplish this via Zoom meetings, phone calls and emails (with the occasional pause to help my three kids with distance learning).

    Q. Best piece of advice you've received? 

    A: My mom, who is from Thailand, told me, “You cannot clap with one hand.” I have taken it to mean that we must work together to reach our goals. Professionally and personally, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others, and I respect their perspectives.

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