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Inaugural Board Fellow and APRA-MN Workshop

17 May 2015 10:27 AM | Deleted user

Beth Campbell, APRA-MN Board Fellow, gives a snapshot of the first few months of her (and our) new role, and gives a review of our recent workshop.

This year, APRA-MN created a new Board Fellow position- someone to help out on special projects, serve on a Board committee, and attend and report on APRA events and conferences.  I was honored to be awarded this position and so far have really enjoyed it!  In addition to being a Programming Committee member, I am in the process of creating a Welcome Packet for new members as well as working on improving volunteer management processes.

Another new and exciting thing that APRA-MN is trying out this year is Workshops.  Unlike a traditional APRA conference, an APRA Workshop features one topic, one presenter, and gets you back to the office by 11AM! APRA-MN came up with the idea for workshops to allow for some audience interaction with a live presenter- at a minimal cost and time commitment.
I recently attended APRA-MN’s inaugural workshop- my first event as the Board Fellow. This particular workshop, Introduction to Advanced Wealth Management Techniques, was held at Gilda’s Club in Minnetonka, which is a cancer support center and was a fantastic space. The speaker, Darren Cooper, is a Rochester-based Prospect Research & Strategy Consultant and is clearly a skilled speaker and expert on wealth management. He provided insight into a variety of money management techniques commonly utilized by the wealthy (and why this often makes them the most difficult to research!). 

In short, I would definitely attend another APRA-MN workshop in the future and thought it was well worth my time.  I highly recommend others to attend future workshops as well!


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