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2021 APRA Midwest Conference

Schedule, Details & Sessions Descriptions

Thank you for attending the Apra Midwest Fall Conference. And a big thank you to all of our sponsors for helping put on this event: DonorSearch, iWave, Insightful, and BWF! And, of course, thank you to all of our great speakers! We hope you enjoyed the conference, connected with other PD professionals, and learned something new. Please see your inbox for information on how to access the recordings, slides and materials. If you were able to attend, we'd love to hear from you. Please click on Survey link below to share your thoughts and feedback. 

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SEPTEMBER 13-14, 2021

Registration Information:

Register online today for just $10 for Apra-MN members and $50 for non-members. Non-members who register will receive a free year of Apra-MN membership. 

Financial Assistance: 

If you would like to attend the conference, but it would cause financial hardship, please reach out to

Zoom Details:

This conference will be hosted using the virtual meeting platform Zoom. Links will be sent to all registrants in advance, along with instructions about how to log-in and use Zoom. You do not need to have your own Zoom account to access the conference. Sessions will be recorded and shared with registrants after the conference has concluded.

Time Zones: 

All times in the schedule are Central Daylight Time (UTC-5).

Session Descriptions 

Session 1A:

Using Metrics to Manage and Drive Stronger Performance

As the expectation for better and more effective managers in the advancement profession continues to grow, managers must embrace a robust set of tools that can actually make their jobs simpler. With customized performance metrics and improved portfolio management systems, managers have access to data that can help them manage better and drive stronger results in fundraising and alumni relations.

Learn more about presenter David A. Lively

Session 1B:

Turn Your Prospects Profiles into Action!

How to use your written words to educate, inspire and bring your prospect research to life.

Biographical information and financial data are only part of the puzzle. A successful prospect profile should include facts that build that heart connection and suggest cultivation strategies that communicate both passion and purpose to your donors.

In this session, Prisca will share what information a researcher should include in a prospect profile that will benefit development officers, the prospects and their interests. The goal is to be persuasive, informative and to provide research products that help strengthen relationships.

Learn more about presenter Prisca Zaccaria.

Session 2A:

Thinking about Upgrading Your CRM? Here are some Tips to Get You Started.

Your CRM is outdated, and it is time to start looking for a solution in preparation for a database conversion. This session aims to provide a roadmap on the steps an organization could take in choosing a CRM, and the things prospect development should focus on before, during, and after a conversion. These steps utilize building on cross-departmental relationships in order to create change while getting the best value out of selecting a new CRM for your organization.

Learn more about presenter Jennifer Martinez.
Session 2B:

Introduction to Data Visualization for Prospect Development Professionals

Data visualizations have revolutionized information delivery, making it easier than ever to comprehend vast amounts of data in just seconds. In this session, we will explore the history and science behind data visualization, demonstrating how visualization reduces cognitive load and supports faster decision making. Next we will apply what we have learned by examining dashboards that support Prospect Development, showing how key design choices make it easier to identify potential donors, highlight fundraising trends, and show how prospects are moving through the pipeline.

Learn more about presenter Erin Lynch Moran.

Session 3A:

Deep Research: Expelling Myths in Financial Analysis for Philanthropy

Understanding financial information is the bedrock of prospect research, yet many of us have come into the sector without a background in financial analysis. We make do by learning bits 'here and there' but largely we rely on inherited practices passed down from researcher to researcher. These practices often go uncontested but what if some of our core assumptions mean we've been undervaluing prospects for decades? And what if there were key tools that we've been missing that would make all our research more accurate? 

Join Jason Briggs and Jonathan Jeffery as they dispel common myths found in prospect research, outlining deep research techniques that will ultimately uncover many hidden prospects. Learn financial myths that hold us back in our sector and how to address them. And learn tools that help to uncover hidden prospects and improve your research accuracy.

 Learn more about presenters Jason Briggs and Jonathan Jeffery.
Session 3B:
From the Ground (or close to it) Up: Building A Prospect Development Program

In the four organizations I've held prospect development positions, I was the first person hired into the role with the charge to build or build onto the prospect development program. Starting from scratch or taking the program to the next level has presented unique challenges in each organization - there is definitely no "one size fits all" when it comes to prospect development. If you're in a similar role or just curious about what it entails, join me to hear about some of the lessons I've learned along the way.

Learn more about presenter Beth Inman.

Breakout Sessions:

Join one of our breakout rooms for engaging conversations on the following topics. If you're able to join by video to participate in the conversation, that'd be great! We've lined up facilitators to keep conversation going, but come prepared to ask questions or share your thoughts!

      1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Prospect Development – facilitated by Alisa Lamont
      2. Prospect Development in a Small Shop – facilitated by Marissa Todd
      3. Data Science/Data Analytics – facilitated by Carrick Davis
      4. Wealth Screenings & Validations – facilitated by Andrea Dowd
      5. Metrics for Prospect Development Professionals – facilitated by Shannon Koehn

Thank you to our generous Apra Midwest sponsors for their support of this conference! You will hear from our sponsors throughout the day and will have a chance to join them to chat during the breaks in a Zoom breakout room.

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