The Birthplace of Apra

A Rich History

Did you know that Minnesota is the birthplace of APRA? In the summer of 1981, a group met at Augsburg College in Minnesota to discuss the history of prospect development in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and look at ways to address the needs of researchers. The second meeting was held that fall at Hamline University and the group changed its name to the Minnesota Prospect Research Association (MPRA).

  • Check out the entire history and learn how the MPRA became a international organization from the APRA International site. 
  • Meet the Movers and Shakers who helped start it all. The 2019 Apra-MN spring conference gave us the opportunity to hear about APRA's beginnings. Hear APRA founders' and early members' stories and take a peek at the documents that laid the foundation upon which this incredible association is built.

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