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Apra-MN offers scholarships to its members to cover the cost of attendance at the Apra-MN local conference, the annual Apra International conference, and other opportunities that arise.

2020 Apra Midwest Conference Scholarship

The Apra-MN Board of Directors is offering a one-time scholarship to attend the Apra Midwest Conference. Thank you for your interest in applying for the scholarship! 

About the Conference

The conference will be held May 7-8, 2020 in Des Moines, IA. This scholarship will pay for the full registration fee for the conference, the After Dark event fee, one-night standard-hotel room, and $100 towards transportation costs. Any current member of the Apra-MN Chapter is eligible to apply for the scholarship.

This conference is jointly offered by Apra Great Plains, Apra Mo/Kan, and Apra-MN, bringing together prospect development and advancement services professionals from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. This is a great opportunity to meet colleagues from out of state!

Click here to see more information about the conference.

How to Apply

In this application, you will be asked to enter your name, organization, email address, and a brief description of how you anticipate attending the conference will benefit you and your organization. The scholarship application will close on March 11th, and one winner will be chosen at random. If you are chosen to receive a full scholarship to the conference, you will be notified by email on March 16th.

Only one scholarship per year will be awarded to an individual; multiple scholarships will not be awarded to the same individual in one year.

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Apra-MN Professional Development Grant

The Apra-MN Board is now accepting applications for the 2020 Apra-MN Professional Development Grant. This grant of up to $500 can be awarded to two Apra-MN Chapter members for a variety of professional development activities. This grant is offered each year in addition to conference scholarships the Board provides. 

Given the uncertain times we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a perfect time to take advantage of this award as many employers are facing fiscal challenges and professional development is often one of the first budget items to be eliminated. These grants may be used for such activities as: webinars, online classes, regional conferences, professional tools, project development, and many others. This grant cannot be used for  Apra International Conference expenses. So if there’s a work project you’ve been meaning to implement but haven’t had the budget for the tools needed, or if there’s an educational certification that you’ve been meaning to get to enhance your fundraising skills, this is the time to apply! 

To apply, just fill out the application form and describe how you plan to use the Apra-MN Professional Development Grant, your budget, and how receiving this grant will affect your work and professional development. Apra-MN hopes you can use this to advance your career and learn new skills! 

Applications are open now and will be reviewed and voted on by the Apra-MN Board by May 13, 2020.

Apra-MN Local Conference

Scholarships cover the full registration cost of the conference. Winners must be members of Apra-MN to receive scholarship. 

Applicants are asked to submit a brief description of how they anticipate attending the conference will benefit them and their organization.  Winners are chosen at random.

This scholarship will pay for the full day registration fee for the conference. Any current member of the Apra Minnesota Chapter is eligible to apply for the scholarship (you must be a member of the Apra Minnesota Chapter to apply).

In this application, you will be asked to enter your name, organization, email address, and a brief description of how you anticipate attending the conference will benefit you and your organization.

Apra International Conference Scholarship

This scholarship covers the full cost of the conference including registration, airfare, and hotel stay.  Applicants must be members of both the Apra-MN chapter and Apra International.  A formal application is required, the winners are chosen by a committee assembled and headed by the Apra-MN Vice President.

Congratulations to Don Irwin who was awarded the scholarship in 2019!

Scholarship FAQs

Am I eligible?
Scholarships for local and international conferences are available for members not currently serving on the chapter board. Applicants for the international conference must also be members of Apra International or become members in order to receive the award. Winners of international conference scholarships must wait one year before applying again.

How are scholarships awarded?
The award process varies for each of the scholarships.  For the scholarships that require a committee to review, the applications are reviewed without applicant names.  The most successful candidates write about both their merit and fiscal needs.

How do I win a scholarship?
Apply! Scholarship announcements are made before every conference. Specific deadlines and timelines of the award will be communicated to the membership for each scholarship.

If I have additional questions, who can I contact?
Contact Jerica Price at
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