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Apra-MN offers scholarships to its members to cover the cost of attendance at the Apra-MN local conference, the annual Apra International conference, and other opportunities that arise.

Apra International Conference Scholarship

This scholarship covers the full cost of the conference including registration, airfare, and hotel stay.  Applicants must be members of both the Apra-MN chapter and Apra International.  A formal application is required, the winners are chosen by a committee assembled and headed by the Apra-MN Vice President.

Congratulations to Charlotte Summers from Minnesota Opera who was the recipient of our chapter's 2018 Apra International Conference Scholarship!

The Prospect Development 2019 Apra International Conference will be held July 31- August 3 in Phoenix, Arizona. Click here to see more information about the conference.

Apply now for the 2019 Apra-MN scholarship for the Apra International Conference.  Applications can be submitted until June 7.  A winner will be announced on June 12.

Apra-MN Professional Development Grant

The Apra-MN Professional Development Grantwhich awards recipients with up to $500, is open to all chapter members to be used for a wide array of professional development opportunities. This is offered in addition to conference scholarships that the chapter normally provides to support members seeking broad professional development opportunities, not limited to Apra-MN educational conferences.

Potential uses for this grant can include, but are not limited to, web-based learning tools such as a webinar or online class, regional conference or educational offering. However, the grant cannot be used for Apra International Conference expenses.

Congratulations to our 2018 winners!

  • Penny Anderson from 360 Communities,
  • Hailey Bailey from Make-A-Wish Minnesota,
  • Anne Pollock from Macalester College, and
  • Kate Wilson from The Basilica of St. Mary. 

We are excited about the opportunities that these four winners have chosen to pursue.  We anticipate hearing from them and learning from them as they further their professional development.

Stay tuned in the Fall of 2019 for this year's opportunity to apply!

Apra-MN Local Conference

Scholarships cover the full registration cost of the conference. Winners must be members of Apra-MN to receive scholarship. 

Applicants are asked to submit a brief description of how they anticipate attending the conference will benefit them and their organization.  Winners are chosen at random.

This scholarship will pay for the full day registration fee for the conference. Any current member of the Apra Minnesota Chapter is eligible to apply for the scholarship (you must be a member of the Apra Minnesota Chapter to apply).

In this application, you will be asked to enter your name, organization, email address, and a brief description of how you anticipate attending the conference will benefit you and your organization.

Scholarship FAQs

Am I eligible?
Scholarships for local and international conferences are available for members not currently serving on the chapter board. Applicants for the international conference must also be members of Apra International or become members in order to receive the award. Winners of international conference scholarships must wait one year before applying again.

How are scholarships awarded?
The award process varies for each of the scholarships.  For the scholarships that require a committee to review, the applications are reviewed without applicant names.  The most successful candidates write about both their merit and fiscal needs.

How do I win a scholarship?
Apply! Scholarship announcements are made before every conference. Specific deadlines and timelines of the award will be communicated to the membership for each scholarship.

If I have additional questions, who can I contact?
Contact Jerica Price at

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