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Below are our upcoming and past APRA-MN Events. We hope to see you at our next event!

UPDATE (03/01/2021): One year later! Our chapter is continuing to utilize a virtual format for all upcoming programming for the foreseeable future. We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines to determine when in-person events should resume. We’ll keep you informed about all of our upcoming programming, but please feel free to reach out to our programming chairs with any questions or concerns.

Upcoming events

    • 14 Apr 2021
    • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (CDT)
    • Zoom (link will be in registration email)

    Start your Wednesdays with Apra Midwest! Join colleagues from Apra-MN, Apra Great Plains and Apra MoKan for an informal weekly coffee chat on Zoom. The link will be included in the confirmation email when you register.

    If you're interested in hosting a coffee chat, reach out to Michelle Brownlee to coordinate!

    • 16 Apr 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom

    Join us for a monthly "Lunch & Learn" on the third Friday of each month, from 12:00-1:00 Central!

    Grab your lunch and hop on Zoom to chat with colleagues and industry leaders. Each month, we'll pick a topic and bring in a speaker to share ideas and knowledge, and then we'll open the floor for questions and conversation.

    Our March topic is "Flummoxed by Farmland?".

    Are you flummoxed by farmland? Join Sam Edge, a Prospect Development Analyst from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (and, coincidently, a farmer’s son), for a conversation about farmland. We will discuss how to identify farmland parcels, how to estimate their value, and how we can apply farmland knowledge to our work in prospect development. Bring your questions and a tolerance for “corn”-y jokes!

    The Zoom link will be sent in your registration confirmation email.

    • 21 Apr 2021
    • 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM (CDT)
    • Virtual
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    We are excited to announce the Apra Midwest Spring Virtual Day of Learning presented in partnership with iWave! In this half-day event, we are bringing together some of the brightest minds in prospect research and fundraising to cover the hottest topics for 2021. Join us on April 21st, from 10am to 2pm Central Time to find inspiration, insights, and ideas for the year to come. 

    Registration is free for Apra-MN, Apra Great Plains and Apra MoKan members. Non-members will receive a year of Apra-MN membership for signing up.

    The Lineup:

    9:30am -10:00 am: Coffee Chat! 

    Grab your coffee, tea, or preferred morning beverage and join us for an informal coffee chat to catch up with friends, talk about the hot topics of the 2021, and create some buzz around the Apra Midwest Virtual Day of Learning! This coffee chat will take place in a separate Zoom meeting from the full virtual event. 

    10:00am - 10:45am: Diversity, Inclusion & Data with Regina Alhassan

    As prospect development professionals who feed donor identification, we are gatekeepers of sorts. Our unique role also offers us the opportunity to fill the gaps and fill the pipeline with prospects and donors who truly reflect the diversity of people that live and give in the United States. This session dives into giving trends and prospect behavior for BIPOC donors. Participants are invited to explore the data and discover practical ways to expand their prospecting lens.

    11:00am - 11:45am: Panel Discussion: A Seat At The Table: Advocating For Prospect Research and Your Profession with Barron Cato, Misa Lobato, Jon Garrow, and moderated by Amy Turbes

    You’re proud of the work you do. You get excited about solving problems. You’re passionate about uncovering information about potential donors. But, you struggle to communicate the invaluable contributions that your profession and your team is capable of. Join our panel of prospect research advocates as they discuss how to get a seat at the table and bring your department front and center when discussing strategy for your organization. Pull up a *virtual* chair and bring your questions! 

    12:00pm - 12:45pm: Presentation: Overdue for Philanthropic Due Diligence? with Gareth Griffin

    Is your organization concerned about reputational or legal risk in engaging or accepting gifts from potential donors? Is your organization looking to establish philanthropic due diligence processes and procedures? This session will discuss the fundamentals of philanthropic due diligence, outline industry best practices, and highlight available resources for prospect development professionals.

    1:00pm - 1:45pm: Panel Discussion: How Nonprofit’s Have Changed Their Asks with Robin Thompson, Marissa Todd and Patti Anne Miller and moderated by iWave

    The past year has affected nonprofits across the country as they persist to pursue their missions amidst health and economic challenges. As organizational priorities have shifted, so has the way that we work on our teams and communicate with our donors. Join our panel discussion to hear stories of how nonprofits have been staying the course, pivoting strategies, and going above and beyond to move their missions forward. 

    • 28 Apr 2021
    • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (CDT)
    • Zoom (link will be in registration email)

    Start your Wednesdays with Apra Midwest! Join colleagues from Apra-MN, Apra Great Plains and Apra MoKan for an informal weekly coffee chat on Zoom. The link will be included in the confirmation email when you register.

    If you're interested in hosting a coffee chat, reach out to Michelle Brownlee to coordinate!

Past events

07 Apr 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
31 Mar 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
24 Mar 2021 Finding Your Ancestors at the Library & Research Center
24 Mar 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
19 Mar 2021 Lunch & Learn: Personal Development IS Professional Development
17 Mar 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
11 Mar 2021 Apra-MN Happy Hour
10 Mar 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
03 Mar 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
24 Feb 2021 Prospect Development in 2021
24 Feb 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
19 Feb 2021 Lunch & Learn: Excel-ling at Excel!
17 Feb 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
10 Feb 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
04 Feb 2021 Apra Midwest Happy Hour
03 Feb 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
28 Jan 2021 Book Club - Ask More by Frank Sesno
27 Jan 2021 Apra-MN Happy Hour
27 Jan 2021 Apra Midwest Weekly Coffee Chat
13 Jan 2021 LEAN IN: How the Last Worldwide Crisis Prepared Me for 2020
07 Jan 2021 Apra-MN Happy Hour
09 Dec 2020 FREE Apra-MN Webinar: From the Mouths of Gift Officers
07 Dec 2020 Apra-MN Happy Hour
01 Dec 2020 Precise Net Worth vs. Gift Capacity
19 Nov 2020 FREE Buzz Session – Prospect Research and Gift Officers: Improving The Partnership for Major Gift Success
10 Nov 2020 Apra-MN Happy Hour
22 Oct 2020 Apra-MN Happy Hour
20 Oct 2020 Apra-MN 2020 Conference with Helen Brown
23 Sep 2020 FREE Buzz Session – What, not How: Prioritizing Research in a Small Shop
18 Sep 2020 Free Webinar from Apra Great Plains - 2020 Vision: Prospecting Research in Light of Current Events
03 Sep 2020 Apra International Follow-Up
31 Aug 2020 Monthly Video Call - New York Real Estate
26 Aug 2020 Partner Webinar: "Are You Prospecting With Blinders?"
19 Aug 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
13 Aug 2020 New! BUZZ Session: Tough Nuts to Crack: Building Relationships with Gift Officers
05 Aug 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
05 Aug 2020 APRA-MN Mentoring - Virtual Summer Gathering
27 Jul 2020 Monthly Video Call - FEC Data
22 Jul 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
16 Jul 2020 New! BUZZ Session
08 Jul 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
29 Jun 2020 Monthly Video Call - Gender Inclusivity
24 Jun 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
23 Jun 2020 FREE Webinar: Reputational Risk Resources: A Guide to Online Civil and Criminal Court Resources and How to Use Them with Mary Kiolbasa
17 Jun 2020 New! BUZZ Session
08 Jun 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
27 May 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
18 May 2020 Monthly Video Call - Donor Advised Funds
13 May 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
07 May 2020 Apra Midwest Conference
29 Apr 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
27 Apr 2020 Monthly Video Call - Corporations & Foundations
17 Apr 2020 POSTPONED Workshop: Resumes & Interview Skills
13 Apr 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
07 Apr 2020 To Affinity & Beyond (hosted by iWave)
01 Apr 2020 Socially Distant, Virtually Close
30 Mar 2020 Monthly Video Call - Annual & Mid-Level Giving
26 Mar 2020 POSTPONED: Raising Our Spirits: Practicing Gratitude
05 Mar 2020 Apra-MN Mentoring Gathering
24 Feb 2020 Monthly Video Call - Planned Giving
05 Feb 2020 Free Webinar from Apra-Illinois - Philanthropic Trends in the Arts & Humanities
04 Feb 2020 2020 Apra-MN BUZZ Session
18 Dec 2019 Free Webinar from Apra-Great Plains - Data Analytics: Rating Systems
06 Dec 2019 Talking Shop: Healthcare
05 Dec 2019 Talking Shop: Cause-Based
04 Dec 2019 Talking Shop: Education
21 Nov 2019 Raising Our Spirits: Maintaining Sanity through Calendar Year-End
28 Oct 2019 Apra-MN Fall Workshop
08 Oct 2019 Free Webinar! Paint Me a Picture: Translating Analytics into the Language of Possibility
13 Sep 2019 Volunteering with Apra-MN
09 Aug 2019 Post Conference Coffee & Conversation
01 Aug 2019 Apra-MN Meetup at PD
27 Jun 2019 Apra-MN BUZZ Session
22 May 2019 Apra-MN 2019 Conference with Michael Quevli
20 May 2019 APRA International Webinar--Best Practices Webinar: The Role of Psychology in Prospect Research and Strategy - LIVE Event Only
30 Apr 2019 Workshop at the James J. Hill Center
12 Apr 2019 COURTESY POST Apra-Great Plains Spring Conference
20 Mar 2019 Apra-MN BUZZ Session
05 Mar 2019 Free Webinar from Apra-IL - A Look at Data Analysis Tools, or Why You Should Learn R
29 Jan 2019 CANCELLED! Apra-MN BUZZ Session
10 Dec 2018 FREE Webinar -- Finding Prospects for Planned Giving Officers
07 Nov 2018 [UPDATED LINK] FREE Webinar -- Two Challenges, One Spreadsheet to Address Them
01 Nov 2018 [Courtesy Post] Plug In to Relationship Management!
26 Oct 2018 [Courtesy Post] Apra-Great Plains 2018 Fall Conference
24 Oct 2018 FREE iWavePro Webinar -- To Affinity and Beyond
21 Aug 2018 Post Conference Coffee and Conversation Meetup
17 Jul 2018 FREE July Small Shop Skill Swap
24 May 2018 Registration now open! 2018 Apra-MN Annual Conference
11 May 2018 FREE Apra-Midsouth Webinar - Crypto-philanthropy: Digital Currency in the Social Sector
19 Apr 2018 Networking Event with SLA
28 Mar 2018 March Small Shop Skill Swap
23 Mar 2018 FREE Apra-IL Webinar -- Show Me the Monet
04 Dec 2017 FREE Apra MidSouth Webinar - New Masters of Wealth: Engaging Wealth Managers in Your Fundraising Efforts
09 Nov 2017 Free! Small Shop Skill Swap
23 Oct 2017 FREE: Apra-Great Plains Webinar Fest!
26 Sep 2017 Apra Webinar: Putting Mid-Level Prospects on Your Radar
25 Sep 2017 Free webinar hosted by iWave
19 Sep 2017 Recorded Webinar: Philanthropic Game Changer: Strategies for Donor Advised Funds
09 Aug 2017 Post Conference Coffee and Conversation Meetup
27 Jul 2017 Midwest Chapters Happy Hour at Prospect Development 2017
22 Jun 2017 Apra MN Networking Happy Hour
20 Jun 2017 Free Webinar: Reevaluating Campaign Goals - University of Chicago
24 May 2017 2017 Apra-MN Spring Conference
16 Mar 2017 Free! International Fundraising: Cultural Intelligence (virtual seminar)
16 Feb 2017 Apra Chapters Share the Knowledge (free webinar)
11 Jan 2017 Free Webinar! Event Horizon: What Lies Ahead for Fundraising Pros in 2017
10 Oct 2016 2016 APRA-MN Fall Conference
10 Aug 2016 Post Conference Coffee and Conversation Meetup
19 Apr 2016 2016 APRA-MN Spring Conference
19 Nov 2015 Identifying Major Gift Communities through Spatial Problem Solving
20 Oct 2015 2015 APRA-MN Fall Conference
05 Aug 2015 Post Conference Coffee and Conversation Meetup
17 Jun 2015 FREE! Prospect Analytics - Separating Fact from Fiction
12 May 2015 2015 APRA-MN Spring Conference
24 Mar 2015 An Introduction to Advanced Wealth Management Techniques, Workshop
10 Feb 2015 Virtual Seminar - A Decade of Supporting Open Cultivation
02 Dec 2014 Virtual Seminar - Automate, Innovate, Don't Hate: The New School of Prospect Research
21 Oct 2014 2014 APRA-MN Fall Conference
25 Sep 2014 Virtual Seminar: Training Perspectives - Newbie to Seasoned Researcher
21 Aug 2014 Coffee and Conversation Meetup
06 May 2014 2014 APRA-MN Spring Conference
14 Apr 2014 Virtual Seminar - Partnerships to Identify and Engage Prospects
04 Mar 2014 Virtual Seminar - Building a Proactive Research Powerhouse with Daniel Gifford, Smithsonian Institution
04 Feb 2014 2014 Prospect Research Bootcamp
12 Nov 2013 Virtual Seminar - Making Relationship Management Work
15 Oct 2013 2013 APRA-MN Fall Conference
20 Aug 2013 Coffee and Conversation Meetup
26 Jun 2013 James J. Hill Library Tour and Coffee Meet-up
07 May 2013 2013 APRA-MN Spring Conference
11 Apr 2013 Virtual Seminar - Development Research & Events: A Prospecting Bonanza
05 Apr 2013 REPLAY Virtual Seminar - Database Mining
06 Mar 2013 Virtual Seminar - Database Mining
12 Feb 2013 Virtual Seminar - Implementing an Electronic Wealth Screening
29 Nov 2012 Virtual Seminar - A 21st Century Gold Rush? Online Social Networks, Data Mining and Advancement
23 Oct 2012 2012 APRA-MN Fall Conference
16 Aug 2012 Coffee and Conversation Meetup
02 Aug 2012 International Conference Gathering
26 Jun 2012 Virtual Seminar - Research Driven Prospect Portfolios
17 May 2012 2012 APRA-MN Spring Conference/Virtual Seminar
04 Apr 2012 Virtual Seminar - Cultivating Productive Research Collaborations
07 Mar 2012 Virtual Seminar - Building a Major Gifts Shop: Changing Perception
09 Feb 2012 Prospect Research Bootcamp
16 Nov 2011 Virtual Seminar - Leading Fundraising Performance with Metrics
25 Oct 2011 Coffee and Conversation Meetup
07 Oct 2011 Virtual Seminar - The Strategic Researcher: In a Position to Make a Difference
27 Sep 2011 2011 APRA-MN Fall Conference
18 Aug 2011 Virtual Seminar - Right-Minded Reporting: Make it Meaningful Using Data Visualization
04 Aug 2011 APRA-MN Social Event
14 Jul 2011 Virtual Seminar - Finding the Time and the People: How to Include Proactive Research in Your Workload
21 Jun 2011 Coffee Meet-Up
19 May 2011 2011 APRA-MN Spring Conference: "Campaign ABCs"
19 Apr 2011 Virtual Seminar - Supporting Your Organization's Mega Campaign
25 Mar 2011 Virtual Seminar - Building the Pipeline: Creating a Major Gift Culture
09 Nov 2010 Virtual Seminar - How to Estimate Private Company Value--and Rate a Prospect with the Information
22 Sep 2010 2010 APRA-MN Fall Conference
10 Aug 2010 Virtual Seminar - Shameless Self Promoting for Prospect Researchers
05 May 2010 2010 APRA-MN Spring Conference
06 Nov 2009 Virtual Seminar - The Ratings Game: Strategies for Rating and Wealth Evaluation in Today's Economy
30 Sep 2009 2009 APRA-MN Fall Conference
04 Sep 2009 Virtual Seminar - Thinking About Data Modeling? Five Key Questions to Consider Before Starting - Hosted by the Minnesota Orchestra
10 Jul 2009 Virtual Seminar, Round Table and Networking Social
01 May 2009 Virtual Seminar - Managing Prospect Pipelines and Forecasting Fundraising Returns, In and Out of Campaigns
23 Apr 2009 2009 Midwest APRA Chapters Conference, Presented by Minnesota, Wisconsin & Great Plains
19 Mar 2009 Virtual Seminar - Essential Components of Relationship Tracking Systems
05 Dec 2008 APRA LIVE! Virtual Seminar "Don't Tell Anyone!" Donor Privacy Issues and Trends
29 Oct 2008 2008 Fall Conference
03 Oct 2008 APRA LIVE! Virtual Seminar "The Frugal Researcher: How to Do Successful Research on Little to No Budget"
11 Jul 2008 APRA LIVE! Virtual Seminar "Under the Microscope: Prospect Identification and Screening"
02 May 2008 APRA LIVE! Virtual Seminar "Investing in Private Companies: Valuations Related to Prospects"
24 Apr 2008 2008 Spring Conference - The Next Generation: Identifying and engaging young leaders and donors in your organization through enhanced team efforts
04 Apr 2008 APRA LIVE! Virtual Seminar "Methodical Investigations: Research In and For Campaigns"
19 Feb 2008 Prospect Research 101
01 Feb 2008 APRA LIVE! Virtual Seminar "Over the Hedge"
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